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Upsight Ad Mediation


Setting Up Upsight Ad Mediation

In order to set up the Upsight Ad Mediation SDK, you will need to have Upsight Ad Mediation added to your account. Contact your customer success manager for more information.

Upsight SDK Integration

Upsight Ad Mediation can only be used in conjunction with the base Upsight SDK and will show rewarded and non-rewarded video ads through billboards and milestones. Make sure you have completed the basic integration of the Upsight SDK including billboards and milestones before you begin integrating Upsight's Ad Mediation SDK.


Downloading the SDK

To integrate mediation, you'll need to download be on an Upsight Unity SDK version between 4.1 and 4.9.8. For later versions of the SDK, you can show third party video through announcements. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


Once downloaded, Mediation is enabled by default. You can disable mediation through a checkbox under Tools -> Upsight -> Project Configuration Wizard.

Important On Android, please ensure that the Write Access is set to external (sdcard) within Unity's Player Settings as Upsight Ad Mediation requires this permission to serve ads on older versions of Android and to serve ads quickly on newer versions. This permission will automatically be added if you use the Upsight-provided build tools.

Please note that on iOS we will automatically append the following permissions to your Info.plist if they are not already present as they are required for some Ad Networks:

<string>Advertisement would like to create a calendar event.</string>
<string>Advertisement would like to store a photo.</string>
<string>Advertisement would like to use your camera.</string>
<key>NSMotionUsageDescription </key>
<string>Advertisement would like to use motion for interactive ad controls</string>


On iOS, you will not have to perform any different steps, everything should build as it did before.

On Android your application may hit the method count (dex) limit. In this case, please follow our proguard steps.

Showing Mediated Video Ads

Non Rewarded Video Ads & Static Interstitials

Once you have added the SDK, you will be able to show a mediated video ad or static interstitial at any billboard. Simply go to your Upsight Dashboard and create an Ad Campaign targeting a specific milestone. See the Creating Mediated Ad Campaigns section for more information.

Rewarded Video Ads

Simply implement handling rewards and you will be able to grant your users rewards when running a Rewarded Video Ad campaign at any billboard for a given milestone scope.

Make sure to add the rewards to the dashboard. See Adding Rewards for more information.